The Basics Of Elder Abuse In California

Elder abuse is a serious problem, both in California and around the world. Elder abuse is any form of mistreatment, neglect, or exploitation that harms an elderly person. According to the California Department of Social Services, elder abuse can take many different forms, including physical abuse such as hitting, slapping, or restraining; emotional/psychological abuse such as verbal threats or humiliation; financial exploitation such as fraud and scams; neglect from caregivers not providing proper care; and sexual assault.

In California alone, there were over 160 thousand reports of elder abuse in 2020, with more than 40 percent involving financial exploitation. The state also saw increased elder abuse cases during the pandemic due to isolation measures making it harder for elderly people to access services or for family and friends to check in on them regularly.

Places Where Elder Abuse Can Occur

Elder abuse can happen in many locations, from nursing homes and assisted living facilities to private residences and any other place an elderly person may visit. It is important to note that elder abuse is not always physical violence – it can also be emotional or financial exploitation. Emotional abuse may include threatening language, insults, humiliation, or manipulation, while financial exploitation could involve someone taking advantage of a senior’s finances for their own gain.

Proving And Reporting Elder Abuse

To prove elder abuse has occurred, there must be evidence such as photographs of injury or property damage and medical reports documenting any injuries sustained by the victim. In cases of financial exploitation, bank statements, and credit reports can help show where the money has gone. Additionally, statements from witnesses who have seen or heard elder abuse taking place can be persuasive in court.

It is important always to report suspected elder abuse as soon as possible to protect elderly people from further harm. In California, citizens are legally obligated to report any known or suspected elder abuse cases to their local law enforcement agency or Adult Protective Services unit. Doing this can create a safer environment for our elderly population and ensure that those responsible for their mistreatment are brought to justice.

Fighting California Elder Abuse

By becoming more aware of the signs of elder abuse and understanding what proof is required to prove it in court, we can work together to fight elder abuse in California and protect our most vulnerable citizens. If you believe an elderly person is being mistreated or exploited, don’t hesitate to report it immediately. Together, we can make a difference. If you believe you have a case of elder abuse and need the help of an experienced elder abuse attorney in California, call Marley Law Firm at (949) 726-6000 today!