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Let Strength and Confidence Be the Voice of Your Story

Lawyer Michael MarleyWhen you choose to work with Marley Law Firm, you are working with an attorney that worked as an Orange County Public Defender for nearly 15 years. Today, Attorney Marley brings the same passion and tenacity he had as a public defender to ensure that his family law clients have strong, confident representation on their side.

Jury Trial Experience Matters – And Attorney Marley Has It

With a unique background as a public defender, Attorney Marley has what many family law attorneys in Orange County do not have: significant jury trial experience. This type of experience is the ultimate in teaching attorneys how to prepare, investigate, and cross-examine witnesses.

Most family law attorneys have no jury trial experience, let alone experience conducting a court trial. If you want an attorney who has learned the industry inside and out, who not only knows the law but knows how to build a case, then you want Marley Law Firm. Call our offices today at (949) 726-6000 to schedule a consultation.

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