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Proposition 57 was voted into California law in 2016 and is also known as, “California’s Early Parole for Non-Violent Criminals and Juvenile Court Trial Requirements Initiative” …or just better known as Prop 57. It greatly changed how California law handles non-violent crimes and juvenile court procedures.

The following areas were changed when Prop 57 was implemented into California’s Constitution:

Early Release

Inmates currently convicted of non-violent felonies may apply for an early release with parole. They can only apply when the prisoner completes the full term of a primary offense for which the prisoner was convicted. The full term of the primary offense means the longest sentence ordered by the court. If the prisoner is in prison for more than one offense, as long as they complete the full sentence of the non-violent primary offense, an early release could be a possibility.

Conduct Credits

Under Prop 57, inmates have the opportunity to earn more conduct credits or “good behavior credits.” These credits can be accrued and used to eventually reduce the sentence of any non-violent crime incarceration. There are three ways a prisoner can earn these:

  • Good behavior
  • Advancing their education
  • Rehabilitation

Juvenile Procedures

Prop 57 dictates that Judges, not prosecutors, have the right to determine whether a juvenile is tried as an adult. This is important as prosecutors stereotypically like to convict with maximum penalties and being tried as an adult would do just that. Being tried as juvenile leaves more room for rehabilitation in the young adult’s future.

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