Probation Violations

Have You Been Accused of Violating Your Probation in Orange County? Trust Marley Law

Violating your probation is detrimental to your freedom. It can lead to consequences that are not ideal and will only make your life harder. At Marley Law, we understand that it can be challenging to follow all of the little conditions that come with probation. There are so many different rules that need to be followed or your probation could be in jeopardy.

If you have been accused of violating your probation conditions, then you need a defense attorney that can keep everything held together. Probation is better the jail or prison, and if you want to keep it, utilize Marley Law’s expertise on the subject. Michael Marley is known for the aggressive, zealous representation of his clients at every stage of the case. For a free consultation, simply fill out a form on our Contact Page or call us at (949) 726-6000.

Common Reasons Why Probations are Violated

There are a lot of reasons why an individual’s probation can be violated, so it is best to avoid them. However, if you have done any of the following actions, you should call Marley Law immediately to ensure you keep your probation intact:

  • An individual misses an appointment with a probation officer
  • They are arrested for committing another crime
  • Drug test failure
  • A mandatory court appearance is missed
  • Didn’t get permission from the probation officer to leave the state

If you have done any of the items above, your probation is on the line, call Marley Law.

How We Can Help

There are a lot of probation conditions to keep track of and we know it can get complicated. There are a few strategies we can implement to help sway the probation officer that your probation should not be re-evaluated. Depending on the severity, probation violations can extend it and potentially even throw you in jail. Here are some ways we can help your case:

  • No violation of a condition for your probation happened
  • Probation should not be revoked due to the violation either being accidental or minor
  • No other crimes were committed while on parole
  • You justifiably broke the law (self-defense)
  • The drug tests can be unreliable

For the best probation violation defense in orange county, get in contact with defense attorney Michael Marley by calling (949) 726-6000 or filling out our form on the Contact Page.

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