Immigration Fraud

The Best Immigration Fraud Defense Attorney in Orange County

Immigration fraud should never be taken lightly. Many offenses can fall under the category of criminal charges. Immigration can be heavily scrutinized in California and if you have been accused of or charged with fraud, you need a defense attorney as soon as possible. Heavy penalties can come from an immigration fraud conviction, including heavy fines and imprisonment in federal prison.

If a conviction were to take place, it would uproot life as you know it. Family, employment, freedom, and reputation would all be destroyed. Having a defense attorney that has mastered immigration fraud defense strategies can make all the difference in protecting your freedom. Marley Law has the expertise to effectively represent your immigration fraud case. Marley is known for the aggressive, zealous representation of his clients at every stage of the case. For a free consultation, simply fill out a form on our Contact Page or call us at (949) 726-6000.

How Can You Get Charged with Immigration Fraud?

The crimes that encompass an immigration fraud charge are plentiful which is why you need to know exactly what you are being charged with. If you or a loved one are being accused or charged with any of the following, you need to contact Marley Law:

  • Lying on an immigration form
  • Entering a fraudulent marriage to obtain citizenship
  • Entering a fraudulent marriage to help someone else enter the country
  • Altering or counterfeiting an immigration document
  • Using a false identity on an immigration document
  • Making a false statement about your immigration status to obtain employment
  • Fraudulently representing yourself as qualified to offer immigration-related services or legal advice to immigrants
  • Committing forgery or perjury
  • Fraudulent activity about the visa lottery
  • Fraudulently representing yourself as an immigration attorney
  • Using someone else’s identity to complete a visa application

Potential Defense Strategies to Prove Innocence

There are more than a few ways to implement a successful defense strategy. It all just depends on the parameters of your case as each one differs from the last. Once we have a consultation together Marley can work out the most effective defense strategy for you. Here are some defenses that have worked in the past:

  • You actually have the proper documentation needed
  • It was simply ignorance of the crime as you didn’t know it was illegal
  • You didn’t intend to break the law
  • Your marriage is legal and not fraud
  • Prosecution could have acquired their evidence illegally
  • Not enough evidence to back up their case
  • It was considered entrapment

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