Our Cybercrime Defense Attorney is the Anti-Virus to Your Cybercrime Accusations

Being a relatively new area of the law, cybercrime cases increase year by year as technology continues to exponentially increase. Even though on the surface, cybercrimes are similar to any other crime but that can’t be more wrong. Each differs in complexity as we’re dealing with alleged crimes being committed over the internet and not physically in person.

You need a defense attorney that has a firm grasp on this new era of cybercrime law. Someone who is familiar with computers and the process that goes into these alleged crimes that are being committed. With that knowledge, an attorney will be able to weaponize that information to ensure you get the best defense possible by flipping the script on the prosecutors.

Attorney Michael Marley of Marley Law began his practice right as cybercrime law started to become relevant. He knows the ins and outs of it since he was witness to it as it was being conceptualized. He is known for the aggressive, zealous representation of his clients at every stage of the case. For a free consultation, simply fill out a form on our Contact Page or call us at (949) 726-6000.

What Even are Cybercrimes?

Cybercrime is a broad term that encompasses many different types of crime. To put it simply, it essentially falls into four major categories:

  • “Hacking” and related offenses
  • Internet frauds and scams
  • Child pornography or possession of other contraband files
  • National security offenses

Once you are charged of any one of those cybercrimes, a court grants a search warrant. Soon after, the defendant’s personal computer(s), cell phone(s), and other electronic devices are seized. Once it is “determined” the accused committed the cybercrime, they will then try to make the individual convicted. It is critical your defense attorney knows every aspect of cybercrime law as they will attempt to use every ounce of punishment they have.

The Logical Choice is Choosing Marley Law

  • Attorney Michael Marley and his team of experts have extensive knowledge pertaining to all things computer and website-related technology, including the elusive dark web
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the federal criminal process, including how prosecutors conduct investigations into cybercrimes and how they collect evidence
  • Firmly understands how viruses, malware, and other ways your computer can make you seem guilty or the scapegoat of another individual’s crime
  • We know how the dark web operates and how that can be used in your defense

If Accused of Any Cybercrime in Orange County

Number one, call us. Cybercrimes are not to be left up to chance. Often times they “throw the book” at whom they’re trying to convict so it is in their best interest to call a Defense Attorney that knows this field of law.

Call us at (949) 726-6000 to seek the masterful legal representation required to defend your case. Don’t let cybercrime prosecutors bring you down.

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