Have You Been Accused of Arson?

Intentionally and maliciously setting fire to any structures or forest areas is known as Arson. It is distinguished from other causes of fire such as spontaneous combustion and natural wildfires. Some states, such as California, sometimes prosecute the lesser offense of “negligent” or “reckless burning” when a fire is set recklessly as opposed to willfully and maliciously.

The probe for the cause of a fire is known as an arson investigation. The term arson is also used to describe fires deliberately set on the property of another, or on one’s own property to collect insurance compensation.

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What is the Punishment for Arson?

In California arson is a felony. It is also a “strike”, which means it can be used to enhance future sentences of someone convicted of a felony. Prison sentences vary in California depending on the severity. The most severe is typically when an individual engages in the willful and malicious burning of a structure or wild forest which causes great bodily injury to a person(s).

Police and fire agencies take arson very seriously, and have special, dedicated investigative units to investigate the crime. They used advanced scientific methods to trace the origin and source of a fire, and to find the perpetrator. Of course, conventional police methods are also used such as informants or eyewitnesses.

Advice if You’re Being Investigated for Arson

Do not talk to the police or fire department investigators without consulting an experienced attorney first. You may unwittingly implicate yourself in a crime of arson, even if you are innocent. You need the guidance and protection of an expert.

The authorities are not your friends in these circumstances, and they may be looking for an arrest at all costs, even if an innocent party is arrested. Remember, arson is an extremely serious crime and can have far-reaching consequences.

The 3 Main Defenses Against an Arson Charge

  • Your actions were not willful, deliberate, malicious, or premeditated, and the fire was a accident.
  • The fire was not started by arson, and you are not responsible for how the fire started.
  • You did not know the building was inhabited.

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