Choosing The Right Stalking Attorney In California

Stalking can be a severe crime in California, including orange county. It is defined by California law as the willful and malicious conduct of following, harassing, or threatening another person with an intent to place that person in fear for their safety. Stalkers may cause anxiety not only through physical violence but also through more subtle tactics such as continually contacting someone via phone or email, even after they have been asked to stop. Stalkers can be strangers, acquaintances, former romantic partners, family members, or friends.

Evidence That Can Be Used To Prove Your Case

If you are being stalked in orange county, you will need evidence to prove your case before legal action can be taken against the stalker. Evidence could include phone records showing unwanted calls from the stalker, emails from the stalker that contain threats or proof of other contact attempts, and witnesses who can testify to your experiences.

Choosing The Right Orange County Attorney

When selecting an orange county attorney to help with a stalking case, you should look for someone who has experience in representing victims of stalking and has successfully dealt with similar issues. It is essential to find an attorney who understands California law concerning stalking and will be able to present a strong argument on your behalf. You should also look for someone willing to understand the details of your specific case and listen carefully to any questions or concerns you may have. An excellent orange county attorney should be committed to helping you protect yourself and build a solid legal defense.

Taking action against someone stalking you in orange county can be a challenging but necessary step. Knowing the California laws that define stalking, gathering evidence, and finding an experienced orange county attorney to help with your case will give you the best chance of having successful legal outcomes. By understanding what stalking is and how it is defined by California law, as well as the type of evidence needed for a case and qualities to look for in an orange county attorney, victims of stalking can put themselves in a better position to protect their rights.

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