3 Surprising Violent Crimes Charges “Self-Defense” Can Be Applied to

Being arrested or charged with a violent crime can be overwhelming as you feel there is no clear path to freedom. However, depending on your case there may be a solution to help give you a fighting chance. If you acted in self-defense in any way or the cause/aggressor in the fight can be questioned on validity, a skilled defense attorney will be able to have your back.

“Self-defense” is heavily protected under California law as every citizen has the right to protect themselves, their family, their property, and anyone else if it is needed. In all the chaos of violent crime cases, victims simply defending themselves can still get arrested. This is when you immediately get on the phone with Marley Law by calling (949) 726-6000.

The following are six violent crimes a “self-defense” strategy can be applied if the circumstances call for it.


This tends to be the most common violent crime where self-defense is used. There are a few ways to prove that the defendant was acting in self-defense:

  • The defendant did not instigate the altercation
  • Their self-defense required force to adequately defend themselves
  • The perpetrator was willfully inflicting harm on the defendant
  • The defendant was protecting their family, property, or another citizen

Assault cases can be defended in court by an expert defense attorney that has a clear understanding of your case.

Domestic Abuse

If you or a loved one were in a toxic relationship that involved persistent domestic abuse, it is typically not surprising when the partner finally fights back. The most common form of domestic abuse is a male inflicting physical harm on a female. However, there are cases where the female partner is abusive to their male partner as well.

When relationships have a harmful physicality element to them, it is highly recommended to call the police. However, sometimes there just is not enough time and you have to defend yourself immediately by any means necessary. This can potentially be defended in court by the “self-defense” strategy. Make sure to contact a defense attorney ASAP.


Yes, homicide can be defended in court by “self-defense” if the defense attorney can prove it was warranted. There can be many different factors that go into why an individual felt the appropriate response was killing the attacker. Your attorney would need to prove in court that:

  • The amount of force leading to the homicide was justified
  • The defendant was fighting for their life
  • Homicide was necessary for protecting their family or another individual
  • The perpetrator had a weapon and intended to use it
  • The aggressor had already killed someone

If you have committed homicide in the act of “self-defense,” you need to get in contact with Marley Law.

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