3 White Collar Crimes That You Wouldn’t Expect to be as Easily Defended

White Collar Crimes can be fairly complicated, but there are strategies that can be implemented that can help defend your case. It is a broad term that covers a wide range of crimes that involve finances. These crimes are categorized as “non-violent” as they typically only focus on some form of fraud.

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With Cybercrimes Becoming More Unique, So Are the Defense Strategies

With how much technology is involved in today’s society, cybercrimes are becoming more and more pervasive. However, it is getting easier and easier to stage a cybercrime or simply accidentally commit one. Here are some strategies that can help your case:

  • Lacked willful intent to commit the cybercrime
  • Unknowingly acted against the law
  • Was a victim of malware or a virus
  • It was an accident
  • The evidence provided is inaccurate or unsubstantial

Even though the prosecution goes through piles of data, so does your defense team, and we will discover the best course of action for your individual case.

The Umbrella Term of Fraud

There are numerous sub-categories of fraud. From medical-bill fraud to immigration fraud, you need a defense attorney that can defend all different types of fraud cases as each is unique. Depending on your case, there are some steps Marley can take to masterfully defend your case.

Most fraud defense cases come down to 5 strategies:

  1. The evidence is not enough
  2. The evidence is inaccurate
  3. The prosecution can’t prove the actions were willful
  4. Either the accused is being set up or is the wrong person
  5. They genuinely didn’t think the law was being broken

A Strong Criminal Defense in an Embezzlement Case

Although these cases tend to be on the more extremely tedious side, OC Defense Attorney Michael Marley has got it down to perfection. Having Marley on your side in an embezzlement case is what can separate you from freedom and prison. If you have been accused or charged with the stealing of property or money from an employer, you’ll more than likely be defended with these stellar defense strategies:

  • You have evidence of a false accusation
  • The initial intent can be questioned
  • It can be considered “human error” or an accident
  • They are accusing the wrong person
  • You genuinely believed that you had the right to use or take the property
  • It is all a misunderstanding
  • You honestly thought the property belonged to you
  • The owner of the property knew but has never once demanded the property to be returned

Embezzlement can bring on serious punishments if an expert criminal defense attorney is not contacted.

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